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Neighborhood and Homesite Plats

Probably one of the most important steps you must take before you make your decision on a homesite is to thoroughly review the plat of the development. A plat is basically a map of the neighborhood and provides very detailed information about the subdivision and each lot. This is a very important document that the developer of the neighborhood must file with the county. For a plat to be legally valid in the State of Texas, it must be prepared by a Registered Engineer and a Professional Land Surveyor and then approved by County and/or  City representatives (or both) as well as the County Engineer.

Your Realtor and/or neighborhood marketing representative should provide a copy of the plat to review with you. It they don’t, be sure you ask for one and ask them to review it with you to discuss all the elements of the homesite and/or neighborhood you find of interest.

Here are some, but not all of the items that you should find on a plat.

1.      All easements, such as utility and drainage

2.      Flood plains

3.      Building setback lines

4.      Neighborhood and property orientation

5.      Topography

6.      Lot dimensions

7.      Road right of way and drainage information

8.      Possible future easements that might affect your decision. For      example, future overhead transmission lines.

You do not want to skip or rush through this very important step. Ask questions and take the time to really understand all the unique elements of the homesite and neighborhood before you make your final decision.

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